Downtrodden and broken,
My heart was filled with despair,
Hopeless and shaken,
My life was just a nightmare,
I craved for warmth that wasn’t in sight,
And yearned for love that seemed non-existent,
My whole being wallowed in the deep well,
That was dug by depression,
I felt all was lost,
That the end was in sight,

But then you lied on your belly,
Lowered a rope filled with hope,
And pulled me out with love and care,
You clothed me with attention,
Decked me with affection,
A stranger I knew from nowhere,
Holding and guiding me towards a bright life,
You personified the true meaning of friendship,
And filled my soul with hope and aspirations,
Words and lyrics show their incompetency,
When tasked to describe my appreciation,
I pray you can see and feel the gratitude,
That now resides in my heart,

And the promise to always have your back,
Will always resonate from my mind,
To let you know how much I cherish you.

This poem is dedicated to all my friends who’ve always been there for me especially Matthew, Manuel, Ben-Dave, Richmond, Johe Kramps, Ike Adamtey, Berenice, Jessica, Vera and Elsie.

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  1. IMOJI says:

    Amazing is what this is
    A feeling we all need
    But rarely to meet
    Maybe a time will come
    To feel this feeling
    When life gives you a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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