I see her approach,

And begin to wonder why she’s coming towards me,

As I turn my head,

To break free from her lovely spell,
I notice everyone’s gaze directed at me,

And realize the embarrassment I’ve caused my poor self,

I turn again,

To see her reaction,
Only to feel her soft lips,

Make contact with mine,

Electrifying sensations now course through my body,

As my heart willingly responds to this,

And my lips act in accordance to the wishes of my heart,

Sweet ecstasy fills every part of me,

As he willingly responds to my kiss,

And that’s when my mind regains control,
And with immense discomfort,

I pull away from him,

And take to my heels,

To flee from the uncomfortable environment,

I’ve helped create,
However, the smell of his cologne,

Refuse to leave,

As it lingers and makes me relive that moment,

I need some time to regain myself,

To calm my racing heart and feisty emotions,
I turn to see if he’s still there,

But the sound of screeches fill my hears,

And sharp pains take over my body

My soul longs for more,

Of the lovely taste of her lips,

But receives a rude awakening,

As she pulls away,

And turns to flee,
I’m left mesmerized,

By all that has transpired,

And remain rooted to the spot,

As my eyes follow her fleeing figure,
She turns to look back,

And moves into the path of a speeding vehicle,

Shrieks and screams fill the environment,
I run with everything I’ve got,

To save the ruler of my heart,

But barely sprints a metre,
When she’s brutally mowed down by the vehicle,

And dragged on the ground,

I scream in pain and my heart fills with ache,

Whiles watching the dead body of my angel,
I caused all this,

I killed her,

A dream of a heavenly future,

Of what my life could have been with her,

Dead even before a foundation was laid,

If only I had taken over the drumsticks,

And dictated the rhythms of the heart,
A promising life,

Filled with dreams and big aspirations,

Snuffed out so suddenly,

By the desire of my soul,

And the drumbeats of my heart.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. IMOJI says:

    wow… I didn’t expect such an ending; intriging and sad at the same time. Great one boss

    Liked by 1 person

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