From the moment I saw those eyes,

I felt in my heart,

The peace which I so dearly cherish,

Slowly fading with whispers of farewell,
I knew that my musing moments,

Were never going to be the same,

That angelic face and smile, 

Which held my heart in chains,

Are now ever present in my thoughts,
Knowing very well, the cure,

To the ailment,

That has taken over the hub of all my emotions,

Yet unwilling to take that bold step,
I guess Tarrus Riley was referring to me,

In his song “She’s royal”, 

For how can someone like me, 

Approach someone soo perfect


I shuddered when I saw him,

My heart shook with fear,

As memories of a terrible past,

Flashed before my eyes in several folds,
Am I to go through this again, 

Am I to relive those painful moments,

I thought I was strong enough,

Thought my walls had been built solid,
Unfortunately, it isn’t so,

I thought it only existed,

That age-old “Love at first sight”,
But here I was,

Falling in love with a stranger,

Whom I’ve never seen before,

Oh God, what am I going to do,

How do I fight this?

It’s been a week,

Since I saw that beautiful angel,

Desperate to see her again,

Whiles also scared to lay eyes on her,
For how can I live with myself,

If I let an opportunity to speak with her slip by,

Ah, there she comes,

Looking as radiant as a new moon,
My manners escape me,

As I stare at her beyond normal,

Attention draws to me,

Without me being aware,

My smile freezes,

As my eyes fall on the captor of my heart,

My whole being is filled with shock,

As he stares at me without shame,
Attention is drawn to both of us,

As students and lecturers passing by,

Turn their gazes towards the drama,

Being unfolded before them,
My mind now knocks me with realization,

That he’s not even aware,

Of the silent commotion he’s caused,

I approach him with my nerves on fire,
My mind is screaming “Danger”

Whiles my heart leaps with joy,

Ignoring both of them,

I try to cool those raging nerves,

As I approach him, 

With waves of shyness enveloping my whole being,

My heart suddenly takes absolute control,

And without warning,

I plant a kiss on his lips.

To be Continued…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. khurlybill says:

    Will be looking up to Soo more of this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. khurlybill says:

    Will be looking up to see more of this

    Liked by 1 person

  3. opoku juliet Abrafi says:

    ohh God so amazed

    Liked by 1 person

  4. K D says:

    Please is dabbing allowed, I want to use some lines to vibe some girl bi.


    1. otidesmond says:

      I’m sorry but you’ll have to credit this site when you use it in another work. If it’s in a chat or conversation, you’re good to go


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