The Tema branch of the Young Men Christian Association of Ghana (YMCA) alongside partners CVJM Hulscheid Heefield from Germany made some donations to residents of Tema Community 11 to support the fight against COVID-19 on Saturday, the 30th of May.


Items donated includes branded YMCA nose masks, hand sanitizers, Veronica buckets, tissue papers, liquid soap and food items such as rice, gari and sugar to help the community members support themselves and their families.


Areas that benefited from this benevolent act included the Tema Community 11 Police Station, a washing bay, the needy  as well as an orphanage in the community.

The Chairman of the Tema branch, Eric Asante, popularly known as Zion, speaking to the media said the COVID-19 pandemic had brought about untold hardships on Ghanaians hence the decision to make the donations in their own little way to help ease the pressure on members of the community.


He also mentioned that the branded nose masks,  hand sanitizers, Veronica buckets etc were to help protect the community members from contracting COVID-19.


Lastly, he informed the media of their next destination  which is Seprepor near Michel Camp. They will collaborate with a youth center located there and make donations to members of the community on June 6.


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